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Calm, clean simplicity for New Zealand's premiere wedding gift registry, where couples & their loved ones can find a carefully curated and select range of beautiful items.


Mildred&Co is a lovingly curated online store & gift registry. The client wanted to break the mould for New Zealand, creating a wedding registry with a large but curated and carefully selected range of unique items that were not available on other New Zealand based wedding registries. 

The design also needed to stand out amongst some established competition. This needed to be a calm and easy experience for people who were invariably experiencing one of the most stressful times in their lives!

We were asked to produce an e-commerce solution that reflected and showcased the stylish individuality of its' products, created a calm shopping environment, was incredibly easy and clear to use for both couples and guests, whilst also providing all of the crucial technical aspects that an online wedding registry should offer.

Mildred&Co allows couples to create their own personalised registries (with their own photograph & welcome text), add items to their wish-list, share it with their guests, update and review it at any time.
Guests can search for a couple's registry by surname or registry ID, and browse or buy items from it. As soon as any item is bought, the registry is updated accordingly.

There is also a 'buy now' area to the site, allowing customers to buy items as they would from any regular online store.


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